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the christian approach to sex

The human approach to sex is indeed fascinating and the effect that these love chemicals have on our life choices is extraordinary. The physical sensations associated with sex are so desirable that many… Continue reading

five phases of humanity

There exists a tug of war between theists and atheists trying to deliver proof for which of their two stances is natural for humans. In the past, I have unashamedly taken the side… Continue reading

why sin makes no sense – stealing

When it comes to over-simplifying choices we make in life and generalising on the usefulness of certain types of behaviour, the commonly used label ‘sin’ has a lot to answer for. Let’s take… Continue reading

fear of death and misbehaving

Lurking around Christian posts can give a real insight into their preoccupations. Two things that stand out as particularly problematic for them are the looming thunderhead of death, and an intense fear that… Continue reading

clarification for christian readers II

When I mention that Jesus said ‘something’ in the Bible, I really mean: At least one generation after he allegedly existed, someone wrote down that the character Jesus was reported to have said… Continue reading

is atheism inadequate to the human experience?

As for atheism, I think it can be internally coherent, but ultimately inadequate to the human experience; it always seems to end up crudely reducing the human person to a bag of meat.… Continue reading

speculation and faith

I may not truly believe atheism is a religion, but I do think it has something in common with religious beliefs that we don’t readily admit. As an atheist, I don’t believe in… Continue reading

proof that atheism is a religion

It’s long been a bee in my bonnet that atheists deny we are part of unifying religion of non-belief in gods and other superstitious entities. At long last, proof has come in the… Continue reading

helpful hints to judge sin (from a god)

Inspiration to blog has at last returned to me, courtesy of my old friends at Quiner’s Diner, and their magnificantly titled post, “Do sinners have moral standing to judge sin?”  I didn’t get… Continue reading

how to apply crank salt

My bestest blogging buddy and ranting mentor is handsome Egyptian dude, Arkenaten. Like me, he thinks it improbable that invisible deities actually exist, and he doesn’t hold many organised religions in particularly high… Continue reading