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bees and flowers

mexican woolly sage

I love taking photos of birds. I’m temporarily back in the land of hummingbirds. I miss them. Crows and seagulls just don’t excite me in the same way (although I do have a… Continue reading

lurking 13: whose side are you on?

Some Christian bloggers say the weirdest things. So weird, it’s difficult to tell whether they’re arguing for or against their god God. Take this selection from the work of 6 days/6000 years/66 books:… Continue reading

what is forgiveness?

I was struck by something that Trayvon Martin’s parents said recently: “As Christians we have to forgive. But it’s a process, and we are still going through that healing process.” It’s understandable in… Continue reading

what we can learn from noah

A short time after the all-knowing god of the Jews and creator of all, God, had created humanity, he realised he’d made a mistake: “The LordĀ regrettedĀ that he had made human beings on the… Continue reading

international bees and music

  edinburgh bees I’m a big fan of bees and have used some very lovely Argentinian bee pictures (see below) on previous posts. I was worried that I might not find such lovely… Continue reading

violet’s bible interpretations part 1

This is a new series designed to celebrate some of the words to be found in the religious book of Christianity followers. They believe their book, the Bible, has been inspired by an… Continue reading

spine-tingling deities

I’m a huge Mike Patton fan. He’s a multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-genre music-making genius extraordinaire. I love Faith No More, Fantomas, Peeping Tom and even that silly Italian orchestra stuff. Lots of other people… Continue reading

is atheism falsifiable?

What would you accept as positive evidence that a god-man appeared to human beings at some point in history? My cute little blogging buddy asks the funniest questions. He’s a scientist who thinks… Continue reading

how to tell if your religion is genuine

In the year 2013, Christianity is the most popular religion in the world. If you’re a Christian, you’ll be aware that 2000 years ago this was not the case, and everyone went to… Continue reading