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how society advances

It’s fair to say that human societies have changed significantly over the last few thousand years. Access to information and education is unprecedented, and many of us in the realm of blogging reap… Continue reading

lurking 4: atheists are racist

As I was accused of anti-Semitism yesterday (although the accuser has so far chosen not to explain the reason for this charge), it seems like a good time to explore the idea that atheists… Continue reading

problems with data

Presently, genetics uses the terminology and framework of racists so much so that there are race realists who are specialists on genetics and ‘human biodiversity.’ There are a lot of weird blogs floating… Continue reading

a word about discrimination

Discrimination is an odd little thing.  Things can look so nice on the surface but it’s all rather grimy underneath.  I live in a country with a female president.  It’s also proud to… Continue reading