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christian logic: slavery and homosexual marriage

TheĀ The Isaiah 53:5 Project has a very interesting post, Does the Bible condone slavery?, which is an interesting attempt at justifying the unhesitating and enthusiastic support for slavery scattered throughout their written moral… Continue reading

askthebigot aka Katy Faust visits Australia to spread her religiously fuelled bigotry

The Author of my faith has limited marriage to a man and woman. He said the two, and only two, shall become one flesh in this union. (Katy Faust on askthebigot.com) Australia is… Continue reading

mandatory rainbows violate right to form opinions

I consider your mandatory rainbows a total violation of my right to form my own opinions. (Insanitybytes) For those of you who haven’t noticed, WordPress has decorated the top bar of our Reader… Continue reading

woe to those who make unjust laws

In response to the recent bill that’s been passedĀ in Arizona, which will allow Christians to discriminate against same sex couples and refuse them service, I thought it might be nice to draw up… Continue reading