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the love of eternal torment

It’s surprising that most Christians are rather complacent about their core belief in hell: the majority of human beings who exist and have existed will spend eternity is some form of torment. Sermons dwelling… Continue reading

the god watching suffering question versus the yes-men for feminism

Every individual is a unique balance of attributes regardless of their gender. Some people are natural leaders and decision makers, some people prefer a more laid back approach to life, some people hate… Continue reading

what can we learn from Solomon?

Solomon is one of the most impressive figures in the Bible, with power, wealth and wisdom outstripping all other Old Testament characters. Solomon had the honour of meeting the god God, chatting with… Continue reading

how to tell what the god god wants

sometimes God uses judgment to bring His people back and there have always been periods of renewal throughout history. With you, I pray that for a revival. Absent something like that, Gay marriage… Continue reading

christians face the genocidal tendencies of their loving god God

God has never pronounced judgement on an innocent person in all of history. These were debauched, bloodthirsty, idolatrous pagan nations with whom He had withheld His wrath for a long time. Even His… Continue reading

why did people stop listening to the god God?

“Why did people stop listening to God?” asks Rebecca LuElla Miller. I have a few obvious answers that immediately spring to mind. But imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to the comments… Continue reading

how to deal with sinful urges – tips and hints for christians

We all admit that we sometimes feel the urge to do things we suspect will not have completely positive outcomes. I feel for my Christian sisters and brothers and the challenges they face in this… Continue reading

genuine love in action

Here’s my personal conclusion: people are not “born gay.”  I think that there is a possibility that biology plays a modest role, but not necessarily a definitive role. I think social and emotional… Continue reading

church rules

I think I might be out of touch with what church membership means. A membership document from a modern day church was drawn to my attention, and I’m genuinely shocked by this covenant… Continue reading

employability and sin

One of the biggest Christian charities in the world has just announced that due to its strict adherence to the Bible, there are a number of its beliefs that are non-negotiable for its… Continue reading