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dealing with the problem of men

Curious that it is hard for us to condemn the hungry for being motivated by their hunger, yet easy for us to judge the rapist for being motivated by theirs. Christians say a… Continue reading

woe to those who make unjust laws

In response to the recent bill that’s been passed in Arizona, which will allow Christians to discriminate against same sex couples and refuse them service, I thought it might be nice to draw up… Continue reading

why sin makes no sense – stealing

When it comes to over-simplifying choices we make in life and generalising on the usefulness of certain types of behaviour, the commonly used label ‘sin’ has a lot to answer for. Let’s take… Continue reading

fear of death and misbehaving

Lurking around Christian posts can give a real insight into their preoccupations. Two things that stand out as particularly problematic for them are the looming thunderhead of death, and an intense fear that… Continue reading

why christianity makes no sense

The following quote from Nate is the best argument against the illogical nature of Christian beliefs I’ve ever seen (besides the Bible itself, obviously). Has Nate discovered the elusive cure for Christianity? It’s… Continue reading

low self-esteem issues

Although many of my posts intend to highlight the ludicrous and harmful nature of religious beliefs through the medium of mockery, on this occasion I’m just feeling slightly perplexed and puzzled by the… Continue reading

helpful hints to judge sin (from a god)

Inspiration to blog has at last returned to me, courtesy of my old friends at Quiner’s Diner, and their magnificantly titled post, “Do sinners have moral standing to judge sin?”  I didn’t get… Continue reading

another scandal, more lives destroyed

[The Bible] doesn’t clean things up and give us a sanitary, Walt Disney version of what happened. It shows us, for instance, how the great King David succumbed to lust and envy and committed… Continue reading

survey: just how randy are heterosexual men?

Recently, there has been a disturbing flurry of Christian posts focusing on the difficulties faced by men who are unable to control themselves when women wear certain cuts of clothing. I find it… Continue reading

serious problems for religious freedom (and cakes)

There are some serious problems going on in our world today. Our rights are being eroded before our very eyes and one day soon we may be unable to make our own decisions… Continue reading