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poll: is theism or atheism natural?

I don’t want everyone jumping to instant conclusions on this one: 99% of atheists will predictably tell me that atheism is natural because no child is born following a religion but that every… Continue reading

god loves everyone*

There are of course many millions of Christians in India and China. God is able to make Himself known to anyone, but usually does so through the agency of Christians. The ‘inner voice’,… Continue reading

some interesting reading

Although most people are religious, there are hundreds of millions of religious disbelievers in the world. What is religious disbelief and how does it arise? Consoledreader recommended The Origins of Religious Disbelief to a… Continue reading

lurking 11: demonic possession

Exorcism is directed at the expulsion of demons or to the liberation from demonic possession through the spiritual authority which Jesus entrusted to his Church. Illness, especially psychological illness, is a very different… Continue reading

five phases of humanity

There exists a tug of war between theists and atheists trying to deliver proof for which of their two stances is natural for humans. In the past, I have unashamedly taken the side… Continue reading

proof that atheism is a religion

It’s long been a bee in my bonnet that atheists deny we are part of unifying religion of non-belief in gods and other superstitious entities. At long last, proof has come in the… Continue reading

what would a god look like?

Religions generally present images of their gods, so there are lots of pictures to choose from. Some are based animals, and lots are imaginative mixtures of human, animal and verging on nightmare images.… Continue reading

the point of deism

My best blogging buddy, Ark, has a few problems with the religiously inclined. I share many of his concerns but we often don’t come to the same conclusions on related matters. He has… Continue reading

atheism in a sentence

For those of you not aware, there’s a lively discussion about whether paedophile priests are a homosexual problem over at Catholic Truth Blog. On this post you can learn that heterosexual men would… Continue reading

the evolutionary path to atheism

People in all societies throughout time have had superstitious belief systems to explain the unexplainable. Every Christian I think would agree that the Mayan gods were a primitive attempt to understand life and… Continue reading