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is anyone out there?

Even if you disprove, at least in your mind, that Christianity is illogical and therefore the Christian god is an illusion…that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist. You may be familiar with it… Continue reading

a question for pro-lifers – what does success look like?

I’m still trying to understand what people who campaign against abortions are hoping to achieve. I left a comment on one of Tom Quiner‘s posts recently and haven’t had any answers yet, so thought… Continue reading

question for readers – what am I missing?

When it comes to seeing ourselves and our arguments as others view them, it can be difficult to gain perspective. In a recent post about unconscious bias, it was clear that many readers… Continue reading

a challenge for christians – why christianity?

The existence of God is evident and obvious, a simple matter of fact. Blood, air, water, dirt, vegetables, marriage, clean animals, unclean animals, night creatures, sea life, stars, mountains, memory, insects, the brain,… Continue reading

a reader question – selling body parts

A couple of blogs I read publish posts answering questions from their readers. I thought I’d do the same and pretend readers come to me seeking my sage advice. Unfortunately, my question wasn’t from… Continue reading

a challenge to christians

It’s my contention that the Bible is not the inspired holy book of any almighty deity, but a random collection of ramblings by some deluded men from one very small corner of our planet (because only… Continue reading

a question for Christians – what is heaven like?

As far as I can tell, Christians seem to have quite differing expectations of their impending afterlife. A quick google of Christian sites brings some interesting visions. Some believe their god God sits… Continue reading

questions and answers: christianity tied in knots

Q: Did Jesus experience temptation like other people? A: Yes, he did. He experienced temptation like any other human being but he never sinned. For we do not have a high priest who is… Continue reading

christians warp the bible: money

It seems that a lot of Christians believe that their god God has blessed wealthy people. This bizarre interpretation of the money-hating New Testament is particularly rife in the USA, where Christians often attend… Continue reading

request for help with Matthew 24

I’ve been referred to Matthew 24 a couple of times in the last few weeks by Christians. In the first case, anaivethinker thought it proved that Jesus did something original, in predicting the destruction of… Continue reading