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the sloppy magical fingerprints of natural law

Naturals laws are science, the way of the world. The way atheists throw science under the bus in order to make atheism work out for them is astonishing! (Silence of Mind) As a… Continue reading

coincidence, tragedy and other acts of gods

Having just spent some time with people of a religious persuasion, I’m struck by how often coincidences (or indeed any and all random events with supposedly positive outcomes) are desperately attributed to the machinations of… Continue reading

step by step christianity

In order to assist my Christian friends bring more faithful to fold, I thought it would be nice to boil Christianity down to it’s purest, simplest form so that any passers-by who aren’t… Continue reading

god loves everyone*

There are of course many millions of Christians in India and China. God is able to make Himself known to anyone, but usually does so through the agency of Christians. The ‘inner voice’,… Continue reading

being sane is over-rated

In my last post, I pondered the evidence for and against the existence of any of the many gods that humans have believed in down through the ages. In the discussion that followed,… Continue reading

evidence for the existence of invisible things that leave no physical trace

Logically and scientifically speaking it takes as much evidence to prove there is no god than that there is one. On a short lurk today, I stumbled across this sentence in the comments… Continue reading

what’s wrong with magic?

magic: The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. (Oxford English Dictionary) The Christian god God and his son Jesus, who is one being the god God, is reported to have… Continue reading

the god God’s contribution to modern medicine

The Christian god God and his son, Jesus Christ, with whom he is one being, left some invaluable advice to us humans about life here on Earth, in their jointly authored book, the… Continue reading

a message for the catholic church

Child abuse of any kind is something that should NEVER happen anywhere at anytime. We need to address this as a global issue, not a church issue. But as far as the Catholic… Continue reading

giving the religiously inclined a helping hand

Believing in a super-powerful deity or two is the prerogative of followers of religion. These deities are exclusively invisible beings that leave clues to their existence with specially selected human beings. Specially selected… Continue reading