Evolution theory invents atheism

Of course Atheism, as we had inferred earlier is totally dependent on evolution and scientism in order to explain its very existence. (The Scientific Case Against Evolution)

It’s curious the stories people concoct in their heads to defend their illogical outlooks on life. I’ll concede that it’s reassuring to live in an age of human development where we have a widely available theory that helps contextualise our short lives. The theory of evolution seems essentially logical to me, as it does to the great majority of religious believers in the world. Science, evolution and religious belief are by no means mutually exclusive.

But if scientists discovered something tomorrow that invalidated the whole theory of evolution, it wouldn’t dent my atheism. It would simply mean that humans don’t yet understand much about our existence (which even with the theory of evolution in working order is undoubtedly true).

The existence of the theory of evolution in this age certainly helps some people overcome psychological barriers to removing religion from their lives. It offers an alternative ‘creation story’ to satisfy curiosity and to fill what might be a void in understanding. The fact that the vast majority of societies and cultures have their own distinct and loopy creation/existence story reflects only our curiosity and thirst for understanding as a self-aware species with seemingly more advanced communication techniques than other species on this planet: we tell creative stories and pass them down through generations.

However, most importantly, atheism isn’t something that was ‘invented’ with the advent of scientific theories to replace a god. And it is this painfully deep ignorance about how societies have developed, about how the rest of the world is and was, that makes these kind of childish statements on pseudo-intellectual Christian web pages worth calling to account.

To the author of the quoted page, I suggest you get your head out of Christian apologetics nonsense and go travel around the world, read genuine history books and learn about the world around you in a meaningful way. You may not lose your religion, but you might be able to contextualise it in a more honest and fact-based understanding of life, which always leads to less harmful doctrine.