questions about killing


Thou shalt not kill.

Q: Kill what?

A: Humans. Kill as many animals as you like, even if you have no nutritional need for them. They taste nice and, according the Bible, pleasure is to be indulged. [not sure about this, need to check source]

Q: What’s a human?

A: A human is an animal of the homo sapien species from the primate family; it’s also a special creature created by a special deity what wanted to create and hide from lots of beings that look like him. Don’t kill any homo sapiens.

Q: At what point does a human exist?

A: When two living organisms come together to form a complete genetic code.

Q: Is a clump of cells a human being?

A: No, it’s a living organism and a potential human being.

Q: Is human sperm or a human egg a living organism and a potential human being?

A: Yes. Menstruation and misuse of sperm are sinful too. [not sure about that, need to check source]

Q: Are there any cases where it’s okay to kill another human being?

A: Yes, soldiers directed to kill during politically motivated wars can kill human beings; it’s okay to kill in self-defense (like if someone is trying to rob you of material possessions); and it’s okay to kill bad people.

Q: Who makes these judgements?

A: We are not allowed to judge, because we are all sinful. God is the only true judge.

Q: So these exceptions are explicitly accounted for in your holy book?

A: No.

Q: What if someone is dying from an incurable disease and they are being kept alive and in pain by modern medical interventions?

A: Thou shalt not kill. It’s really rather clear.

Inspired by livelysceptic’s Zen Catechism. And the inability of some Christians to THINK CLEARLY about serious issues.