describing atheism


In my last post, I invited readers to suggest a humorous descriptive label that could be attached to atheism or atheists. I was seeking to create a fair playing field for good-natured and long suffering Christians, who have to endure their god, God, being referred to as a ‘sky wizard’ or ‘celestial dictator’. Although both these descriptions seem fairly accurate to me, I thought it would be fun to work out a similarly colourful metaphor to use for those of us without deities.

My poorly worded invitation was received with some confusion, followed by blank stares. It seems no-one could come up a notion that ridiculed (in a harmless fashion, of course) atheism. Apparently, refusal to worship deities that cannot be detected with any of our five senses, who only leave evidence in the form of clumps of writings delivered via men and subsequently used by other men to control their fellow human beings, cannot be neatly summed up with a humorous soundbite. Inconceivable as it may seem, it’s seriously difficult to ridicule absence of superstition, and rational use of common sense.