opinions on eroticism


My anonymous friend is writing an erotic fiction novel. I don’t know much about this genre and don’t feel I can give typical female input (women are the biggest market). If you were interested in an erotic fiction novel, would you turned on by the idea of a married couple getting it on? Personally, I can’t imagine this firing the loins of any lady reader.

Several months ago I disagreed with a post that linked fear with sexual arousal, but on further analysis, I think this is probably key to firing up our sex and love chemicals. The base function of sex is to breed, it’s important that we do it or our species wouldn’t have got very far. Sex needs to feel so good that we want to do it in spite of the consequences – otherwise we’d be able to take a much more logical approach to it and there wouldn’t be so many accidental pregnancies, even in this age of easy access to contraception.

Fear therefore needs to be neuralised to make sex successful. And what more efficient way of neutralising it, than to link it into the arousal process. Fear of the forbidden, fear of getting caught, fear of loss, fear of pain, and most importantly from an evolutionary point of view, fear of getting pregnant. Imagine that – women get spurred on to have sex because they’re afraid of getting pregnant! It’s evolutionary genius.

Anyway, back to the book. Married couples are not erotic, they are safe and comfortable. Please give your opinions and I’ll pass them on to my anonymous friend.