the company we keep


When I was around 10 years old, I remember a friend telling me that her dad had said all the gay people in the world should be rounded up and put on an island together. And the island should be blown up. We had a good laugh about it and agreed it was the best solution to the problem of gay people.

It was a happy day for me. As a Christian who was usually in the minority, I fit in on at least one subject (the subject of whether or not gay people should be allowed to exist). I was relieved my non-Christian friend understood as I did that to be gay was seriously wrong. I felt mild discomfort at the idea of mass murder but understood that tough problems require tough solutions.

Maybe some of my feminist friends who believe trans people are a tough problem who require tough solutions (in the form of open ridicule or circulation of hate speeches against them) will take some comfort from the fact that they have friends in the Christian world who will be more than happy to agree with them.

Here’s anti-abortionist Tom Quiner identifying with the radical feminist fringe, and ridiculing trans people.

And closing word goes to Silence of Mind. If it doesn’t give you pause for thought that you’re on the same side of the fence as dear old SOM, then nothing will:

As with all of sexual creatures in nature, gender is determined by genitalia, not preference.

That means any person can tell his or her gender simply by looking at and/or feeling (gently with clean fingertips) the equipment (genitalia) that has been installed in the crotch.

Put even more simply, men have rod equipment and women have a whole where the male rod fits. Al fin y al cabo (as they say in Tijuana), there is no such thing as a trans gender.