superbug religion and iPads


Not so long ago, Life on the Frogstar did an excellent post warning all us rational thinkers about the potential rise of a superbug religion, impervious to logic, that may sweep through the world sucking up all our superstitious genes in its path. In order to combat this, it seems sensible for atheists to procreate in larger numbers, or to support the weaker forms of religion, such as Christianity, which, although problematic, discriminatory and sometimes harmful to society, may be the better option.

Let’s for a moment explore the possibility that the world’s fastest growing religion, Islam, could be that foretold superbug religion. I think it’s fair to say that with its current record for violence and serious gender discrimination, it’s a concern for anyone interested in freedom and equality that Islam is spreading so quickly. I’m open to hearing more moderate interpretations of Islam, but it’s obvious that the fundamentalist interpretation is somehow seductive in its charms, and is there to be exploited by many political agendas.

So, what is the most effective way of stopping any superbug religion in its tracks? I would suggest this may be achieved by promoting rational thinking, science, philosophy and, ultimately, atheism. I’m all for a conspiracy theory, so I’m wondering why, instead of assisting with damaging and violent wars that are always inconclusive and breed yet further problems, the constantly meddling western powers don’t meddle via useful indoctrination, via education, via rational thought.

There is so much news coverage currently asking if it is time to arm the rebels in Syria. Haven’t we been through this a million times before? Why do ‘we’ want to give weapons of murder to people, which inevitably lead to helping them kill themselves and their families in struggles that ultimately never have a satisfying conclusion? Look at Afghanistan, look at Iraq. Further back, look at what meddling in power struggles in Vietnam resulting in, look at what meddling in power struggles in 1950s Iran has brought that country to today. Giving people weapons cannot be the answer. Removing weapons is part of the answer, economic pressure is part of the answer, and provision of education (or effective indoctrination) is a huge part of the answer.

So, I propose that the budget allocated to militarily meddling in foreign affairs is used to distribute millions of iPads so that people can read what happened in civil wars throughout history, so they can read about the futility of hate and revenge, so they can read atheist blogs and wonder why they believe the religion they were born into, and not a different religion they weren’t born into. Give them iPads, so when they get bored of philosophical and historical research, they can play Angry Birds and forget how angry they are, then listen to soothing music and forget how painful the world is.

Religion no longer needs to be the opium of society. We now have mindless entertainment at our fingertips that brings the added bonus of brushing up on the combined knowledge of the entire human race down through history. If we can’t free people with knowledge and the paths to critical thinking, we can at least distract them with shiny toys that can suck up a whole day, before you get even a minute to think, “Now, where did I put that grenade?”