understanding the god God


There are a few things about the god God that I don’t quite understand. I thought it might be nice to display them in public and see if any of my kind readers can provide any missing pieces from these puzzles.

  1. Why did the god God create all of human kind in his image to populate the world, but for most of the existence of humanity only take an interest in one tiny group of people? Was every non-Jewish person who lived in times before Jesus irrelevant?
  2. Why does the god God insist he’s the only god in existence, but then have to tell his top followers (who have actually heard him speak) to stop worshipping other gods who don’t exist? How could top followers with maximum exposure to the only deity in existence possibly get so confused?
  3. Why does the god God think men are more important than women? Why does the god God present himself as a man, why did he come to Earth as a man, why is his holy book filled with mainly male characters and why does it give instructions for women to be submissive to men?
  4. Why does the god God take a special interest in the lives of Christians who pray correctly but not intervene in the lives of others? How does he find time to send fire down to earth to demonstrate his power, or find time to cure some people of diseases, or find time to ensure some devotees get parking places, but not intervene in child abuse, starvation and endless natural disasters?
  5. Why does the god God give us free will and expect us to follow his rules, but allow many people to live without seeing his rules, and many people to be born with the inability to follow or understand his rules because they have disabilities or mental health problems?