for my brother, part 2


From my point of view, my brother has a tendency to vehemently support the opposite side of obvious. He is passionately vitriolic about a number of subjects and has a brain packed full of facts to support his opinions.

One of his most ‘angry’ topics is climate change. He doesn’t believe there is any evidence to support the notion that man-made fiddling is altering our climate beyond what may be natural cycles. In order to educate me on this subject, he thoughtfully buys me books I’m not interested in, such as ‘The Skeptical Environmentalist’ and ‘The Hockey Stick Illusion’. I did try to read both these books but didn’t get past the opening chapters. I am not a good scientist. (I am not a scientist at all.)

So, here is an outline of my common sense (not scientific) approach to environmentalism:

  • I love animals and plants. I love to be in areas of the world that are subject to minimal fiddling by humankind. I want people to stop throwing litter, chopping down trees, ripping out wild flowers, polluting water and driving smelly cars because, at the most basic level, it will increase my enjoyment of my surroundings.
  • Cities are cleaner and nicer in recent years as technology has improved the level of emissions from vehicles. On a grander scale, it seems obvious that the world is cleaner and nicer if all industry reduces emissions.
  • If the climate change data that we are being presented is indeed all rubbish, what’s the worst it can achieve? If the climate is changing only due to natural causes what’s the worst that the actions being taken will accomplish? It’s encouraging people to take responsibility for their immediate environment and be concerned about, and take action to prevent, ‘natural’ disasters around the world.
  • So, even if all the facts available could convince me that most of the world’s scientists and leaders are hopeless duped about this, and little old me and a few other ranters know the truth, I wouldn’t be unduly concerned that the consequences of such a belief could even begin to be negative.

Anyone got anything to add?