lurking 7: how to tell a person of principle


Would you attend a gay marriage? What if you followed a religion with a holy rule book that doesn’t mention gay marriage? I can imagine the dilemma – flicking through the pages trying to conjure what the god god’s opinion would be on this matter. The Bible is a golden treasure of clear-cut rules that must be followed at all costs. Slavery is good, so we can keep all our slaves; if we’re raped and single, we should marry our rapist; and obviously we’ve all given up all our possessions, as instructed. So, what’s next? Judging our friends and family, and condescendingly sneering at their sinful lifestyle choices apparently.

God is not neutral on the subject of marriage, or the idea of gay marriage. …  So neither am I. If it’s a “Christian” wedding, then my attendane would be blatantly lying about God’s opinion and by extension lying about God Himself.  If it is a secular ceremony, then I would by lying about me.  Even if my friends knew where I stood on the issue, to attend would certainly give the appearance of endorsement. As it should. Which is something we should consider when attending any wedding ceremony really.

After encouraging us to judge all our friends’ choices of life partners and RSVP accordingly, Ask The Bigot goes on to give us her rationale for financially supporting a coffee chain that vehemently supports gay marriage, while insulting her many gay close friends and family by refusing, on principle, to attend any potential same sex marriage ceremonies.

Starbucks has the best Frappuccinos on the planet because it’s their job to make great coffee.  It’s not their job to live the gospel and represent the truth of God. That’s my story to tell.

I can see the logic. When it comes to principles, it’s more important to twist the judgement knife into the people closest to us than to deny our tastebuds or sting the profits of a multinational soft drug pedlar. Delightful. It’s like reading a post that the character Jesus may have penned.