blogging tips – how to boost your readership


Now that I’ve been blogging for over a year, I feel like I should pass on some hot tips I’ve observed from other bloggers to boost readership.

1. Spam liking

Spam liking is the easiest and most obvious way to boost your readership – flattering lonely bloggers is a sure-fire way to get attention. Do some tag surfing in relevant themes, and click down all the like buttons without even reading a post! Quick and effective. My favourite spam liker is Humanity 777, who SHOUTS IN CAPS, makes holy numbers from the Bible, and boasts over 10,000 followers. If you say hello to him, he might give you a reply like this:

“RUB-A-DUB-DUB” = 932-1-432-432 = “33″ = LAST ENTRY! THE LIFE OF “CHRIST”, WAS 33YEARS ON EARTH = “6″ = YOU, THE “222″ WITHIN IT!

Other illustrations of this successful spam liker strategy who you may be familiar with at the bottom of your Christian tagged posts are culturemonk with 65,000 followers and BJ with 9,710 followers. Remember, spam liking is a targeting exercise, so choose your tags carefully.

2. Spam followers

If you think spam liking is too conspicuous, you can always try spam following. Again, this is a tag dependent exercise that flatters other bloggers into paying you some attention. The difference here is that following is bigger flattery than liking and I expect there’s a bigger reciprocal success rate. I don’t know much about spam followers, other than the highlighted posts that reach my email when they follow me tend to reference something along the lines of ‘make money from blogging’. Example spam followers are Nate Smith, who’s gravatar tells you he’ll help you learn about ‘Viral Blogging’ and ‘ skyrocket your monthly income’; and Bryce Gorman who can give you information to turn ‘your own blog into an ATM’.

3. Bogus comments

This final suggestion is quite contraversial. There is a suggestion that some motivated bloggers create bogus commenters to liven up the conversation and traffic on their lonely posts. If you do take this desperate route, be careful to travel about to different IP addresses for each comment, or you may be found out and publicly humiliated.

4. call for suggestions

These are the main routes to making your blog bigger that I’ve viewed in my short time here in WordPress. What other strategies have you seen in play? Feel free to name and shame. Have you tried and would you recommend doing any of the above?