Is Scandinavia really better than the United States?

Tom Quiner shows me why the USA is better to live in than Scandinavia. Like most other Europeans I long to live in a country with no reliable healthcare or social security safety net, and open access to firearms.

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

One of this blog’s socialist readers recently waxed eloquent about the economic virtue of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, aka the Scandinavian countries.

She made some compelling points:

“If you look at countries with a strong welfare model, like in Scandanvia, they pay up to 60% in tax, have high rates of benefits yet low levels of unemployment. Raising the social safety net has made them the best and most productive places to live in the world, with the lowest levels of income inequality.”

In other words, the socialist prescription for economic nirvana rests on increasing taxes, taking money from producers and redistributing it to non-producers. You, know, kind of like they do in Cuba and Venezuela. You know, kind of like the Soviet Union did it.

Obviously, socialists are challenged by these examples since these countries have been such abject economic failures. I read just last…

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