allowing ourselves to be hoodwinked

The Queen stands for family, community and country, a passive patriotism that most of her subjects understand and appreciate. Her loyal service to her people is reciprocated by their loyalty to her, and to what she stands for. (The Telegraph)

What the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and Head of the Commonwealth, stands for is something much more complex and sinister.

She stands for mindlessly clinging to traditions not based on equality, meritocracy or democracy.

She stands for the irrational human gravitation towards conservatism that flies in the face of universally agreed standards of good governance and fair representation.

She stands for the cult of celebrity in its oldest and most vicious form: she’s the product of generations of warring, privileged classes, those who were lucky enough to get the daggers in their fiercest opponents.

She stands for outdated, illogical patriotism in the form of tribal nationalism that doesn’t reflect our common humanity in this international society.

British media coverage of the Queen’s 90th birthday is a pig in the mud of all this nonsense. Where is the person brave enough to put their head above the parapet? When will someone in the media scream for all to hear: “The Emperor has no clothes on!”

No, instead we are treated to endless rounds of “Happy Birthday, Your Majesty” from people who must know better.

In the year 2016, to have an inherited monarchy, to celebrate one disgustingly rich and influential family and allow them to hold on to such power and wealth, is absurd, ridiculous, embarrassing!

Celebration of monarchy is worse than clinging to illogical religions. At least religion followers can claim to have truly believed that gods existed, that invisible forces were moving behind the scenes. What can we claim to have truly believed about an inherited monarchy? That it makes sense? That it is a sensible way to run a country? That tradition, however unfair, absurd and useless, must continue to be followed? There is no excuse. We are allowing ourselves to be hoodwinked.

Abolish the monarchy. Now.