moronic comment of the month – comparing abortion to slavery

In a place where it [abortion] is already illegal, it is probably best to keep it that way. In a place where it is legal and common, I doubt there is much that can be done on a legislative level besides trying to discourage it.
If you compare it to other evils like slavery, something that in the U.S. was ingrained into the culture and economy, it took 600,000 dead soldiers to end it. A prudent man living in the 1850s would, I think, look at that cost and decide banning slavery wouldn’t be worth it.
Not all evils can be fixed.  (dpmonahan on Clare Flourish)

Sometimes when I’m lurking, I read comments that make my blood boil. My smug, squirrel-killing blogging buddy, dpmonahan, spewed the above piece of nonsense on Clare Flourish’s recent post about abortion. There are a few things about this comment that stand out for me.

1. For a ‘prudent’ man like dpmonahan, the lives of 600,000 white, male soldiers naturally weigh more heavily on the scales than the lives of the millions of African women, children and men who died as a direct result of slavery, and the further millions whose lives were utterly and horrifically ruined as a result of slavery.

2. It’s best to keep abortion illegal where it is already illegal, because the facts are of no relevance to dpmonahan. Anybody with a smidgen of understanding about abortion knows that in countries where abortion is illegal, there are more abortions than in countries where it is legal. So it’s ‘best’ to condemn women to unsafe and deadly procedures while keeping abortion levels high, rather than peel off our sexist sunglasses and acknowledge that access to legal abortion facilities is a must for any moral society.

3. If we can’t make something illegal, then we shrug our shoulders and give up because ‘not all evils can be fixed’, according to dpmonahan. So instead of looking to countries with lower levels of abortion as examples that can be built upon, instead of taking sensible action to help people avoid the difficulties of unwanted pregnancy, idiots like dpmonahan are smugly content to call it ‘evil’ and malign the millions of women who make the choice to seek a termination for themselves and for their families.

Dpmonahan, don’t belittle the horrors of slavery and the impact it has had on our societies, the reverberations of which are still felt today. Don’t parade your smug form of ignorant ‘morality’ around, flying in the face of reason, facts and logic to make a seriously misplaced religious point on behalf of an invisible god, who, if he really existed, would be more concerned with doing magic trick abortions for immoral women, telling slaves to suck up their lot and obey their masters, and encouraging his minions to rip open pregnant bellies. We’ve actually read the Bible, have you?