a pro-life christian worth reading

The abortion debate in the USA seems ever more polarised. And am I right to think that a big chunk of the vote for Trump came from conservative Christians voting on this one issue?

So, I’m slight relieved to come across a post from from a ‘pro-life’ Christian who actually considers issues in some depth:

Although staunchly pro-life, I am also pro-dialogue, and I am very much pro-woman.  I don’t think abortion is an issue that will go away without working together with people from different ideologies and priorities.  (Beautiful Kingdom Warriors)

I urge my other Christian blogging buddies to read the whole post, and think very carefully about Trump, abortion, and the future of their nation.

Tom Quiner – please read the post by Beautiful Kingdom Warriors. Remember, Tom, when I saved you the embarrassment of posting a lie that was circulating about Trump? That was just one year ago, when you were campaigning against Trump, before your monomania about abortion made you support a man who shares none of values.

Madblog – please read the post by Beautiful Kingdom Warriors. Other people who share you values were not excluded from the Women’s March.

Becky Miller – please read the post by Beautiful Kingdom Warriors. Other Christians can read the Bible and come to similar but different conclusions.

Thank you to Beautiful Kingdom Warriors for pulling the argument back from the extremes.