enjoy hell: satan hates you

Enjoy hell. Your alternative. Hell is a fact, whether you choose to believe it or not. Once you are in it, its way TOO LATE to become ‘real’ as a person.

FYI. Satan hates you.


There are many problematic, contradictory and unsavoury aspects to Christianity, as displayed in full technicolour story form within the Bible. The one I struggled with most, as a brain-washed-from-birth variety of Christian, was the idea that all the people round about me who didn’t believe what I believed, and all the billions of people out in the wider world who didn’t believe what I believed, were going to suffer some form of eternal torment.

Except, when I try and drag my mind back to those times, there was something about belonging to a pious, forgiving, loving and exclusive club that I kind of enjoyed. There was something about the fact that I was a bit more special than other people, I was one of the saved, that made me feel satisfied.

And, as you might glean from the comment above, some Christians positively savour in their belief that people who have irritated them will suffer immense pain for eternity, ruled over by an evil monster who hates them.

This raises a number of questions:

1. What kind of ‘loving’ belief system could promote such monstrous ideas? (answer: none)
2. What form of ‘benevolent’ creator deity would conceive of such evil for its creation? (answer: none)
3. What kind of person could believe all that and make the kind comment we see above? (answer: someone in throws of severe cognitive dissonance)