principal culprit


If LBGTIs are not naturally selected, then someone is going to argue that they are genetically un-natural. This is then a stone’s throw away from being listed as a psychological disorder. This might then lead to forced institutionalization and treatment

I’m trying to wrap my head round this comment because I can see in a science fiction novel how it may be the case, but I’m struggling to get how anyone believes it’s a potential real-life scenario.

There’s a problem with the whole argument (if you wish to follow the quote link) in that lumping lesbians, bisexuals, gay men and transgender people into one group and making conclusions about all of them based on the practices of some of them, is clearly wrong. Then, I don’t get the leap from alleged physical damage during sexual activity leading to anyone being genetically unnatural. However, my main interest is the idea that anyone would consider forced ‘treatment’ in any of these cases.

An atheist argument goes that if any one religion was in fact the real deal, then an actual god would have the ability to communicate it to more than one place. Christians learn their faith from other Christians, Buddhists from other Buddhists – they don’t pop up independently. Every religion has very distinct beliefs that reflect something of the culture they evolved in. That’s why no religion is natural. Lesbians, gay men and transgender people have popped up in isolation in every culture and society in the history of the world.  They are clearly natural.

So, is it part of the brain acting up that needs to be sorted? I think if any individual feels genuinely unhappy within themselves about their innate impulses then they have the right to attempt to change their own behaviour. I think the idea of forced treatment only comes into play with someone who is a potential harm to themselves or others. Does the existence of gay men, lesbians and transgender people pose a threat in terms of harming themselves or anyone else in society? As far as I can tell, harm raises its ugly head as a direct result of the discriminatory reactions of other people.

People feel rubbish about themselves, even depressed and suicidal, when their friends tell them they are ‘sinning’, when their family disowns them or when random strangers are constantly spreading insane notions like “God holds special contempt for homosexuality, calling the act and the impulse not only an abomination before Him, but also placing, in His view, the homosexual outside of the human race.”  In terms of ‘harm’, Christians, brandishing their god of love, seem to be the principal culprit in most western societies. So this ‘benevolent’ god God created homosexual penguins and dragonflies but he hates the homosexual nature of the homosexual humans he created? Heterosexual Hitler can stay on the Christian god’s official human race list, but all the gays are off. This clever deity also created man and woman as two distinct genders, although, rather inconveniently, hermaphrodites have snuck into his intelligent design.  Maybe they’re just a sinful lifestyle choice too.

As another post pointed out recently, potential psychological disorders are all over the place. When you believe something that you cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch exists, and you have no evidence for its existence other than an old book of dubious origin and a funny feeling, you are so very clearly a stone’s throw away from having a psychological disorder yourself. Who’s wanting forced treatment now?