effective online dialogue

This is a special tribute post to my blog ‘buddies’  The Ark and myatheistlife.  Both are finely versed in the subtler shades of anti-theistic arguments, quick of wit and sharp of tongue.  While I enjoy the game they play often as much as they clearly do themselves, I have a couple of suggestions to take them to the next level.  So I don’t have to do the explaining, I’ll point you to this fine post, which gives at the end, in my opinion, six universal rules for effective online dialogue.  Please read these ideas, indulge in some time of self-reflection, and, if you have the inclination, let me know if you ever break these rules and what the results may be.

If your intent when discussing beliefs with fellow bloggers is to repeat points you make on countless other pages, aggressively misinterpret comments, call people stupid and push them further into their ideological corner, I think you’re doing a grand job.  If you actually want to make people stop and think about why they hold certain views or indeed maybe learn something about why you hold certain views, then I would recommend attempting to implement a measure of the aforementioned six handy ideas.

Feel free to give me any hints to enhance my online dialogue skills.  I’m all about self-improvement.  🙂