sticking our liberal noses in your life

I would argue though that today’s “liberals” are the authoritarians as they can’t seem to stop sticking their noses in to the most personal aspect of our lives.

What kind of lightbulbs to buy, how much sugar to consume, pronoun usage, personal healthcare coverage, blend of gasoline, square footage of my add on bedroom, my pet’s reproductive choices, whether or not I’m allowed to buy wine over the internet (mess with my wine and things get serious) and, I kid you not, enforcing permits for kids in my neighborhood to run lemonade stands. And you best not complain lest you offend someone and be sent off to microagression training. (Tricia on Left Loserism)

Recently, I’ve read a lot of complaints about liberalism. Let’s look at the first few in Tricia’s list:

1. Lightbulbs

Tricia seems to be oblivious to the fact that our global population is booming, and energy production isn’t finite. I’m assuming she’s annoyed that she’s being pressurised to change her lightbulbs to ones that emit the same level of light using 80% less electrity and last years longer. Why is she complaining? No idea. Lower electricity bills, less bulb waste and less pressure on the grid.

2. Sugar

Obesity is booming in the world, and the cost to human health and shared society expenses is immense. Manufacturers producing food with levels of sugar that aren’t fit for human consumption should, in my opinion, be subject to regulation. Ignorance about food is mind boggling. If something is sitting on a shelf, out there for sale, people will buy any old poison. Just like we can’t buy drinks laced with arsenic, I don’t think we should allow companies to sell drinks with 25 teaspoons of sugar in them. You want one? Make it at home.

3. Pronoun usage

I live in a world where for most people the default person is a man. Why? I’m not teaching my daughter that women come in second place to men in all things, and that men are default. Let’s mix up our pronouns and given women the representation our numbers in the general population demand.

4. Personal healthcare coverage

We probably agree on one thing here – the US health system is atrocious. It’s embarrassing. And I can understand how people who have been used to comfortably choosing every aspect of their own healthcare may feel annoyed with recent changes. But the truth is that the USA is the only country in the developed world that doesn’t have universal healthcare. Your liberals may be annoying you, but they want more. They want every person in your country to get equal healthcare. I know, disgusting! Imagine, poor people in the bed next to you and the doctor taking their health as seriously as yours …

I could go on. Anyone else is welcome to tear apart the rest of her list. Liberals tend to pressure for change in areas that should benefit all society. I know people don’t like change, but when evidence tells us there’s a better way to do it, we’d be fools to complain about saving energy, protecting healthy choices, making the females of the world feel they might be default too, or even looking after the health of everyone in our society. Unless you can show me evidence to the contrary.