do you prefer attractive people?


I’ll continue to prefer more attractive people to less attractive ones in a thousand subtle ways (Jim)

It seems to be an accepted fact in some cultures that more attractive people are more successful, even to the extent that Jim thinks he prefers them in a thousand ways.

Why is this the case? Do humans generally treat attractive people better because we want to increase our chances of having sex with them? Do beautiful people have the ‘halo effect‘ working to their advantage? Are attractive people simply aware of their supposed physical advantage and do they ride on a wave of seductive and convincing confidence as a result of it?

Another possibility is that successful people are more likely to have the time and inclination, indeed be part of a culture, that encourages obsessing about appearance, and therefore they seem to be more attractive. Money tends to bring access to a better diet and access to better self-care facilities.

If you are famous or you know someone who is famous, you’ll find many people are extra interested in being your friend. Entering and climbing through social ranks is a common human preoccupation. Some people certainly approach other people in terms of what they might bring them, and attractive people benefit from this – the assumption that they will have good connections even if they’re not sexually available.

Jim’s comment about preferring attractive people in 1000 ways gave me cause for a ponder. I know that I only prefer attractive people in one way – I enjoy looking at them. But I enjoy looking at unusual people, maybe all people, so it’s a minor advantage for particular beauty.

The problem with our hyper-consumer, heavily marketing existence in western society is that we are bombarded with images that people want to live up to. Traditional, popular stories come loaded with the idea that good people, successful people, are beautiful. Nasty step sisters and evil criminals are ugly. We present children with the idea that they should paint people good or bad based on how they look, and this is a social construction that simply has to go. We tell each other what beauty is, based on what products manufacturers are trying to shift.

We need to dump the princess and superhero stories in the bucket where they belong and let future generations of children learn to take people as they see them, so we no longer have grown adults assuming it’s perfectly natural or moral to judge people by appearances.

There is also something to be said for making oneself as attractive as possible. To demand the whole entire world change and human beings to actually alter our nature under the guise of some human idea of fairness isn’t exactly moral. Why shouldn’t people look their best, feel their best, and have others respond positively to them? (Insanitybytes)