deceitful games of anti-abortionists

content warning: post contains explicit discussion on abortion

I held in my hand a model of a 12 week old preborn human being, also known as a fetus, or also known as a “blob” of cells if you work for Planned Parenthood. (Quiner’s Diner)

Tom Quiner has a post called “The reality of human abortion“, which features a picture of a model 12-week-old human fetus. I was intrigued by the photo, thinking the fetus looked more baby-shaped than I had previously understood, and so googled what an actual 12-week-old fetus looks like.

A 12-week-old fetus in reality looks like I remember: something like a newly hatched baby bird crossed with a tiny alien. I still think it’s a shocking image that has the potential to make someone think twice about abortion if they have other options. So I don’t understand why the anti-abortion lobby doesn’t present models of an actual life-like human fetus.

Except when I think about it, I do understand why they do it.

They are a group of people in denial of the reality that access to safe and legal abortion facilities is the only sensible option for a compassionate society; they are a group of people in denial of facts about brain development stages and sentience of the human fetus; they are a group of people who deny the decision-making power of individual women to choose what grows in their own bodies. In their desperation to make abortion seem evil, they are happy to spread any kind of half-truths, misinformation, and exaggeration they can lay their hands on.

I would take little issue with a genuine pro-life campaigner who circulated accurate images and models of human fetal development stages, a campaigner who fought to reduce the numbers of women accessing abortion by lobbying for free contraception, better childcare options and better sex education for all. But a genuine pro-life campaigner I’ve yet to encounter. All I see is a sexist and misleading religious agenda driven forward by male-dominated groups seeking to undermine the lives of women, underpinned by misinformation, exaggeration and outright lies. The deceitful games of the anti-abortionists need to be confronted.

Shame on you, Tom Quiner.