what atheists are supposed to know

I quoted at least two ATHEIST philosophers who admitted a god would explain things, but Naturalism (alone) falls short. Alex Rosenburg is another ATHEIST philosopher, who wrote a book called “Living Without Delusions.” The problem is, most ground-level, non-philosopher Atheists don’t know exactly what godlessness is supposed to mean, because they’re not very good at thinking through these things. (mrsmcmommy)

My dearest blogging buddies, Ark and John Zande, recently recommended that I pop over to ‘Branyan Comedy’ in search of interesting conversations. I duly did their bidding and was immediately treated to a two-pronged attack by the blog host and mrsmcmommy (above), who I am told is the host’s daughter.

I found the whole experience rather interesting and would, in turn, recommend others to pop over for engaging chats with Christians that generally don’t deteriorate into personal insults or a lack of interest in facts. But be prepared to have to engage your brain on two simultaneous fronts, which for someone with brain stagnation like I do was quite enjoyable and useful.

But back to the quote. What exactly are atheists ‘supposed to’ understand about life? It’s in comments like this that we face the rigidly composed compartments of some religious thinkers. They genuinely think atheism is another religion, guided by the same underpinning requirements of religion. It’s not.

Let’s explore what atheists are really supposed to know:

The likelihood of any of the many gods created by other members of our thoroughly inquisitive and delightfully imaginative species being real, is remarkably slim. 

And even there, I’m indulging in some embellishment. But, for avoidance of doubt, I think it’s safe to say we genuinely have no need to have a shared understanding at any other level.

For Christians, it’s a slightly more complex situation. They’re not free to evaluate their understanding of life on an individual basis. If they don’t know everything they are ‘supposed to know’, they think it could mean the difference between a lifetime in paradise and a lifetime of eternal torture.

I can only be relieved that my benevolent creator deity doesn’t allow such abominable dilemmas!