what should a gay christian do?


I was wondering if you have a post that explicitly addresses how you believe Christians who experience same sex attractions should live their lives in terms of romance. I’d be interested to know if you think they should attempt a heterosexual marriage or just remain celibate.

I’ve left the above query on a few Christian blogs that are outspoken against homosexuality and gay marriage. I hope to get some answers here or from the authors directly on their blogs, in which case I’ll post links below for anyone interested.

Askthebigot: daughter of a mother who left a heterosexual marriage when the blogger was young and brought up by her mother and her lesbian partner. The blogger is now married to a preacher and campaigns against homosexual marriage.

Onebaddecisionawayfromhomelessness who tells gay people:

We speak good news, with those sweetest, deepest, most glorious words of the cross — the same words that God spoke us — “You’re wrong, and you’re loved.”

Insanitybytes: my dear blogging buddy who doesn’t like rainbows.

Statis Online: a blog designed to “bring you alternate viewpoints to what is provided on one-eyed and misleading websites” specifically about homosexuality from their Christian point of view.

No Laughing Matter Ministries: who tells fellow Christians:

In your own personal quest for religious freedom how many sinners have you pushed away from Christ? How many have you shoved in the direction of hell? Because you’re certainly not saving anyone from the fires of hell by refusing to bake them a cake or refusing to make them a tent.

ColorStorm: because he shines a holy light in dark corners and all atheists are obsessed with him.

Any other Christians who think homosexuality is a sin are invited to give their opinion. Should gay people force themselves to be celibate and attempt to ignore same sex attractions, or should they find a heterosexual willing to marry them? What is the Christian god’s solution to this design flaw?